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【保存版】 GIANTLOOP ジャイアントループ ドライバッグ Rogue リュックサック・ナップザック-その他


サイズ:巻状態 20.5インチ×13.5インチ/伸ばした状態 32.5インチ×13.5インチ
素材:18oz ポリウレタン


≪Product Description≫
The 100% waterproof Rogue Dry Bag (17 liters) is designed to attach to Giant Loop’s MoJavi Saddlebag, Coyote Saddlebag, Great Basin Saddlebag and Siskiyou Panniers. But it can be secured on virtually any motorcycle make or model, making it indispensable equipment for a broad spectrum of on-road and off-road motorcycle riders.
Without unstrapping the Rogue Dry Bag from the bike, gear can be accessed from two ends. Two beefy reflective daisy chains provide plenty of secure attachment points.
The Rogue Dry Bag takes its name from Oregon’s wild and scenic Rogue River.
Add Pronghorn Straps chained together to lash the Rogue Dry Bag to a tail rack, hard luggage or Giant Loop saddlebags and panniers.
≪Specs and Features≫
・Volume: 17 liters
・ Flat dimensions: rolled 20.5” × 13.5” (unrolled 32.5” × 13.5”)
・Diameter: approximately 8.5”
・18 oz polyurethane with 100% waterproof radio-frequency welded seams
・Reflective daisy chain for easy attachment and enhanced visibility
・Access to gear from each end
・Durable side release buckles with vertical nylon compression straps for closure security and load stability
・Made in USA


【保存版】 GIANTLOOP ジャイアントループ ドライバッグ Rogue リュックサック・ナップザック-その他

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